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Importance of Good Lighting

Ever wonder why your home still looks gloomy after renovation?

Well, it’s all about the lighting. People often ignore the lighting when it comes to renovating their houses.

It is important that the lighting is correctly positioned. Correct lighting can emphasize the paints, floors and other accessories of your home.

It is important to choose the right lighting to match the concept of your house and the colour. Blending of lights and can make a room different. Bright lights are used for working environment and faint light for some intimate setting.

There are 3 kind of basic lighting that we should all be know.

1) Task Lights

The name of the light speaks for itself. It means a light that is intended for working purposes. For instance, a table lamp.

Did you know that lights have important roles in controlling the moods of humans? Lights affect the working area. If the area is not lighted properly, then we feel uncomfortable.

2) Accent Lighting

This light is use to highlight the design in your home for a particular area, object or even a showcase.

3)Ambient Lighting

It is the light that illuminates the whole area.

Thus, placement and type of lighting are important aspects of interior design. It helps to enhance aesthetic appeal and set the ambiance of a space.

Some factor to consider before deciding on your lighting are

  • Availability of natural light

  • Size & Layout of space

  • Colour & Furniture selection

  • Maintenance

When in doubt, get professional help as they are able to advise you base on your needs. Many are afraid of doing this thinking that it may cost more while not realising that this can help to prevent unnecessary future spending on corrections. An expert can help you transform any space into a seamless combination of functionality and style with the right lighting.

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