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5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Dreaming of renovating your kitchen? A brand new kitchen takes a lot of planning, research, time and attention to detail to be able to get that perfect look on time and on budget. Do not rush in and get started as your excitement builds, and thats when you unknowingly make kitchen renovation mistakes. A kitchen renovation is a major investment, both in time and money, so make sure you avoid these 6 mistakes.

1. Select your appliances first

Every kitchen needs appliances and although they are not necessarily the most important item in your kitchen renovation, they are very important in terms of space and layout. Instead of choosing appliances near the end, it is best to choose them first as it is easier to design your kitchen cabinets and countertops around the appliances you have chosen. Once you know what appliances you would like in your kitchen, cabinet layouts can be designed and your kitchen renovation can start to take shape.

2. Ignoring Style Consistency

As you start to gather ideas and design your kitchen, keep in mind the design and style of the rest of your house. You may want an ultra modern kitchen because you now love that look, but if the rest of your house is traditional, your kitchen is going to stand out for all the wrong reasons. Unless you have plans to renovate the rest of your house to match your new style of kitchen, keep the kitchen style cohesive and it will flow with the rest of your house.

3. Blasting Through Your Budget

Planning your kitchen renovation can be a lot of fun and a great experience as you design and work toward starting construction. However, in all the excitement, you should never lose sight of your budget. There are many things to select that you can get carried away with and quickly blast through your budget. It is better to make some tough choices and give here and take there to make sure that you will be happy with your overall kitchen and how much it cost. Making all your selections before construction starts will allow you to know most costs up front. Making changes once construction has started is a quick and easy way to add unnecessary expenses to your project.

4. Not Enough Counter Space

Beautiful quartz countertops can be a large expense, but cutting down on counter space to get them is not a good idea. You need enough space to entertain, cook, eat and place your groceries before you put them away. Adding counter space later is not easy to do, therefore, it needs to be considered in the planning stages of your new kitchen. Areas to think about include your island, could they be made a little wider without constricting floor space, width of appliances and width of your sink. Counter space is important and needs careful thought before plans are finalized.

5. Failing To Focus On Functionality

Your kitchen’s function should be very important in the design and planning process. Kitchens are more than just a place to prepare meals, for example, they often become the hub at parties. The work triangle should be something to always keep in mind as you plan. These are the busiest areas in the kitchen and include the sink, stove or cooktop and fridge. Keeping these areas in the most efficient locations and appropriate to each other is important to a successful kitchen renovation.

To avoid all of these mistakes, engage a professional Interior Design company to work closely with you on the design and planning. These mistakes if not avoided can cost you more later on.

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