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Black And White Dining Rooms

We are big fans of colours. Our hearts beat for a bold blue bedroom or blush-toned powder room. That said, we cannot deny the attraction we feel towards these strictly black and white dining rooms. Their monochrome finish is something that is striking and cool. If you are interested in creating a neutral space, let these black and white rooms be your guide.

Designing a comfortably chic space, well-curated and embrace the balance of white space. Look at this little dining nook. It gaves us major modern and luxe bohemian vibes.

We can’t get enough of this room designed with white and long dining table.The absence of colour creates an edgy vibe that's perfect for hosting a grand holiday celebration.

If you favor a rustic look, this spot may be more your speed. The shiplap wraps around the space lend instant character while the black accents shine in the predominantly white room. The only piece out of place is the rug, but we are so into the slight contrast it provides.

This room is where masculine meets glam. The dining chairs balance out the more glam chandelier. To recreate the look, begin by painting the trim black, frame the windows with a dark hue to draw more attention to them, and keep the walls white to play up the contrast.