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Contractor vs Interior Designer

Are you in dilemma to choose either one of them? Lost? Let us share with you the differences.

Interior Designer Interior designers are qualified designers whom will design your residential or commercial. They will make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. It is hassle free for you because they will assist from beginning to the end. They will give ideas, draw out the design and coordinate with contractors for the renovation works.

Contractor Contractors are do-ers. They conduct the renovation works as per their clients requests and the design given. They don’t provide the design. A contractor is not going to sit down with you and go through ideas and themes nor is a contractor going to spend time going material and furnishing shopping with you. Interior designers does all that. They are your one stop solution.

Here are the key points on the differences.


Budget is super important. Choose wisely. Choose what you can afford. The main factor to consider before hiring an Interior Designers is the price.

Interior Designer : Interior Designer is more costly. It is rightfully so because the interior designer will be with you from concept to sourcing to the actual building and even furnishing your home. They will take the time to understand the homeowner’s lifestyle before proposing a design plan. The additional cost that you pay interior designers goes into planning and managing your renovation project. It also includes the time and effort that goes into liaising with you and your partner as well as the contractors. It is hassle free. It’s also money well spent for someone who will take care of your renovation works from start to end – all you need to do is just move in!

Contractor : If you know what you want and you have the design, then contractor is for you. A contractor will not provide the above mentioned and will act upon your specific instructions. Engaging a contractor is cheaper. It suits those with low budget. However, rectification or any design hiccups may cause you to pay more than you originally wanted to.

Major or Minor Renovation

If you are renovating the entire house and do not have the idea or do not know where to start, then engage an Interior Designer. For IDs, they pretty much cover everything and will bring you around to choose things.

For a minor renovation, example renovating your kitchen, bathroom etc, you can engage a contractor. All contractors have specialisations into different areas. Some only do flooring, some only do carpentry work, some do windows and doors.

Close Relationship

Interior Designer will work very closely with the clients. Expect a lot of meetings with your interior designer and his or her team before the actual work starts. They will update you on the on the progress actively. This is the value added services that contractor cannot afford the time.

Assisting on Design and Space Planning

A contractor will not have much knowledge to give advice on design and space planning. They only execute based on clients requests. They are more executioners than advisors.

On the other hand, an interior designer will have better knowledge because they will do up the floor plan and drawings first and then from there will be able to assist in the layout planning of your house, the design and space planning. They have computer graphics to show you samples on how your end result would be like. You can even pick and choose your themes and styles and get pictures for them.

Peace of Mind

For both of it, you need to be comfortable and have trust in them. Good things does not come cheap. Is it price or is it quality? Choose wisely. Check out the reviews of the contractors and interior designers. Evaluate not only the price but the past services and results.

Good luck :)