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Thinking of renovating for your home or business and not sure which renovation company to choose? To

Check the track record

Do your research on the company. Check if the company is certified or accredited by official departments. This is very critical.

Consequences : If we do not choose the certified or accredited company, our life are at stake. The house or building will not be safe to stay or operate.


Ensure the company has qualified skilled workers. Without a qualified skilled workers, things will not be done properly and according to regulations. The company has to uphold their policy in recruiting only the qualified talent.Conduct a refresher course regularly on the policies and safety courses.


Do up your budget. Choose the company that suit your budget but of good quality. Be very careful on the contract and be very detailed. Read it thoroughly in order to avoid any hidden costs that may occur in the future.

Consequences : To avoid any unhappiness and dispute in future.


A good company will offer good customer service not only before sale but after sale too. A customer will feel valued if we care for them.

Impact : A good relationship will makes customer happy and when they are happy, there will be a repeat business.


Consider referrals from family and friends. Always have other options to evaluate. Get as many quotations. From there, choose the closest one to our budget and do not overlooked on the points in this article.

Hope you find this article useful! Cheers 😊