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Simple Steps to Transform Your Average Kitchen

There are simple and cost-effective ways in which you can transform your average kitchen into a stunning and welcoming space. You can update your kitchen to look stunning and ensure that it maintains the same classy and fresh look for years on end.

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Repainting kitchen - Just by picking a fresh new updated colour can do wonders to refresh a space. Remember to properly prep and clean the walls before painting to ensure that the paint lasts longer and the paint adheres well.

Repainting cabinet – Repainting the cabinets versus purchasing new ones will update your kitchen at a much lower cost. Make sure you remove all hinges and handles from the cabinet before starting to make the job much easier. If you cannot paint the whole kitchen, at least paint an accent wall to provide some colour variation and freshen up the space.

2. Flooring

After painting, the kitchen will look fresh and brand new, but what’s the use if the floor looks dull and ugly? There are tons of beautiful floor coverings currently available on the market at a range of reasonable prices. Depending on your taste and budget, go for the kitchen floor that reflects the desired design for your kitchen. Whether you choose vinyl, ceramic tiles, wood or laminate; your floor needs to match the fresh feeling of your painted walls. Also, don’t forget maintenance–it needs to be easy to clean.

3.Backsplash and Tiles

Painting is not enough when it comes to refreshing your average kitchen. You can try to add in Backsplashes. Glazed tiles are the best in that regard, and they come in all sizes and colors and are easier to clean and maintain. A backsplash does more than add a great design feature to your kitchen. It protects the walls from spills and any splashes from water, oil, and food.

4. Replace Old Designs

Some of the original features in the kitchen (when you purchased the house) might be durable, but not necessarily updated. Replace your old faucet, change old knobs and pulls and install modern lighting fixtures to immediately give your kitchen an updated look. If your budget allows, replace or update your countertops.

Remember, you don’t need tons of money to freshen up your kitchen. Do your research for ideas and let your imagination run wild. You too can transform your average kitchen into a fresh inviting space!