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Contemporary Vs. Modern. Vs. Transitional Kitchen Designs

Let’s take a look at different kitchen designs and its differences. There are a few elements that make transitional kitchens unique when compared to contemporary or modern styled kitchen. Learning how to identify the signs of uniqueness can help you understand what kind of style you truly want to aim for.


A contemporary kitchen is defined by sleek lines and the dominance of wood or stone. An example of a contemporary kitchen would be a design with wooden floors, wooden cabinetry, and wooden craftsmanship. There may be a granite or marble countertop with low-hanging lighting to give it a high-end feel.


A modern kitchen is all about size. You will find that most elements of a modern kitchen are large: Large cabinetry doors, large round handles, a large island, large archways over the entry, and so on. Traditional lighting fixtures and almost 100% natural materials are sure signs that you are looking at a modern kitchen.


Transitional kitchens differ in that they will take partial inspiration from contemporary and modern designs. For example, when designing a transitional kitchen you may choose to keep the wooden floors and low-hanging lights, but you may want to have stained cabinets and stone countertops instead, to make a unique sense of creativity really pop.





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