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4 Colors Schemes That Make A Room Look Larger

Do you feel claustrophobic when you are in a small room? Here are some tips to make you room look larger. With the right colour combination, it will bring calmness and peace. Say no more to claustrophobic 😊

4 Colors Schemes That Make A Room Look Larger

1. White with accents

White rooms always look the largest. White is an ideal backdrop because it’s so versatile. It goes with everything and nothing clashes with it. You can paint an accent wall or put fabrics which accent the background colours in the room. As long as the other three walls are white, your room will look wide open.

2.Citrus Tones

Yellow is a wonderful color in tiny rooms; however, don’t go too dark or too bright. A subtle shade of lemon, soft banana, or a pale, creamy yellow work best. It’s better with darker contrasts too, especially if you have a narrow room.

3. Sea Shades

Do you prefer a neutral room that still incorporates color? Lighter blues and greens create a soothing atmosphere that simultaneously enlarges and brightens your space. Use white trim in your blue room to create a sweet, vintage look that automatically expands the space.

4. Pretty Pastels

More feminine, pastel hues brighten any space while making it look bigger. Light pink, mauve, peach, and lilac or lavender are

especially lovely choices. Add accents with darker shades on the same spectrum. Use throw pillows, rugs, and window treatments to tie it all together.

Well, just because a room is small doesn’t mean it has to feel small. Making use of natural light and plenty of mirrors helps to create the illusion of spaciousness.

Hope this article gives you an idea on how to design your room 😊

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