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Form and function: design the perfect bathroom

Do you know the difference between form and function? For those who knows, good. For those dont, let us share what you need to know. Sharing is caring 😊



When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom for your new home, what matters most to you? Looking form or functional? All of us wants both right? Best of both worlds.

Well, let’s be practical. When we choose something beautiful, we have to think if its functional to our needs as well. It must come hand in hand. Functionality should comes first and then the form. So a bathroom should be both useful (function) and beautiful (form).

Let’s look at some of these points for consideration :

  • On a daily basis, how do you use your bathroom ? How many people are using the bathroom? What are the features that will make it more comfortable and convenient for you? For example, some people like the elegant look of a single sink. However, if there are two of you getting ready for your day at the same time, a double sink may make more sense. This is for comfortability and convenient. Saves time.

  • Next, everybody would love a bath tub. It will make your bathroom look WOW. However, if you are a shower person than a bath, then you will need a bigger space to build the shower area. This is more practical. By having a dormant bath tub, it will take up space. Keep in mind that this is a room you’ll use every day.

  • Third, storage. Plan the storage needs carefully. May at times, we overlooked on this and the impact is, it will make our bathroom look very messy and disorganized. It will spoil the design of the bathroom.

  • Fourth, the lighting in your bathroom. Think practically on how you’ll use the lights you install. Make sure there’s adequate light for applying makeup or for shaving to make those tasks easier. Then think about ambient lighting for the rest of the bathroom that makes it a comfortable place to be.

  • Finally, once you’ve thought through the “function” parts of your bathroom, you can move on to the “form” elements. To beautify it, how you want the room to look. Think of things such as mirrors, taps, flooring, countertops, cabinet finishes, and more.

Remember, its function vs form. Once the design fits your needs, then focus on the elements that makes it reflect your style.

Good luck 😊